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Medicine is Changing…And So Are We!

The practice of medicine is changing significantly. From higher copays and costs to limited access for physician visits, both patients and physicians recognize the challenge of managing healthcare needs. Gateway physicians are proud to continue to be independent gastroenterologists. At Gateway we provide a concierge level of care without additional patient costs.

Cost-effective outpatient, preventative care helps to decrease healthcare costs, improves compliance, and augments effective, long-term patient/physician relationships. With unsurpassed patient care as our goal we are now concentrating our inpatient care and services at St. Luke’s Hospital. Doing so allows us the freedom to focus our inpatient care at one hospital while enabling more time for the ongoing development of strong outpatient relationships. This approach should allow the physicians of Gateway Gastroenterology to focus on outpatient care and preventative medicine for patients within ALL of the regional healthcare systems.