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March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month…Ask Us About “Saturday Screenings”

Call today to schedule a screening colonoscopy! Gateway physicians and staff pride themselves on efficiency and quality patient care. Nothing should prevent a person from seeking such a powerful cancer screening/prevention test– especially a busy work schedule. Call our office and see how easy it is to schedule a screening colonoscopy. Even better, see how easy the endoscopic exam is! Plus, we offer Gatorade/Miralax bowel preparation and even more importantly, Saturday hours.

Whether you are a teacher, international business traveler, or a small business owner we value your time! Ask our staff about “Saturday Screenings” and join other healthy people undergoing screening colonoscopy at the Gateway Endoscopy Center. Imagine…no missed work days and be home before lunch. We make it easy… park, undergo your screening colonoscopy with quality physicians and staff, and then head off to breakfast feeling confident in your healthy choices. Tell a friend because you could save a life!