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Fatty Liver Disease, Gerd, and IBS can Improve with Weight Loss!

A number of common gastrointestinal conditions can be improved with weight loss. At Gateway we understand that weight gain negatively impacts a patient’s quality of life and therefore strive to incorporate nutritional counselling into treatment plans.

ASK US ABOUT MEDIFAST (or check out the link: http://www.gatewaygi.tsfl.com/)

Our specialty-trained nurse practitioner guides patients through weight loss programs tailored to individual needs and gastrointestinal conditions. MEDIFAST dietary changes include well-balanced meals and portion control. As gastrointestinal physicians we strive to decrease symptoms aggravated by weight gain. We actively promote healthy lifestyles and have found MEDIFAST to be helpful to our patients!

From GERD to fatty liver, weight gain has drastic effects on gastrointestinal health. Not only does being overweight increase the severity of symptoms, excessive weight has been correllated with poor outcomes related to hospitalizations and simple surgeries. Obesity also increases cancer risks and worsens morbidity and mortality associated with some cancer diagnoses.

If you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease, fatty liver disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or you are simply interested in adopting a healthier lifestyle centered around nutrition education contact our office and ask about the MEDIFAST program!