PRINCIPAL CARE MANAGEMENT at Gateway Gastroenterology (PCM)

What is PCM?

Principal Care Management is a program offered by Gateway Gastroenterology for Medicare patients with one of the following chronic GI conditions: Fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, GERD, IBS, and IBD. Patients enrolled will receive a personalized phone call monthly to monitor their progress. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of frequent hospitalization from poor control of their clinical disease. This program is entirely voluntary and there is no obligation to join.

Who pays for PCM?

Medicare Part B pays for 80% of the cost of PCM. The balance will be billed to the secondary insurance with payment contingent on each insurance carrier.

What should I expect for PCM?

Our dietitian, Katie Croghan, RD, will be spearheading our PCM program. Katie is based in St. Louis and she will be calling enrolled patients once a month. She will keep track of medication compliance and provide nutritional counseling. She will add to our resource in promoting wellness based on the specific needs and health goals of each patient.

May I opt out of being part of PCM?

Yes, there is no obligation to stay in PCM and patients can leave at any time for any reason without penalty. During each telephone visit, you will be given a chance to consent to the call.

If interested, please call 314-539-4900 ext 7 and ask whether or not you are eligible for PCM at Gateway GI.