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Gateway Gastroenterology is a group of eight board certified gastroenterologists.

Our goal is to is to provide outstanding care in a timely, courteous, and professional manner. Our mission is to aid in improving your digestive health and also to be a resource to your primary care physician in caring for you. All of our physicians are committed to ongoing education and will make every effort to provide you with the most up to date and thorough care possible.

We offer a wide variety of gastroenterology services including inpatient and outpatient consultation as well as a broad range of endoscopic procedures including upper endoscopy and colonoscopy.

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Help us prevent colon cancer!

At Gateway we take pride in quality care as well as patient safety.  An excellent bowel preparation for colonoscopy optimizes visualization and improves outcomes.  Please follow the bowel preparation instructions exactly.  Doing so helps us detect and remove polyps and enhances the safety of the procedure.  In addition to the prep instructions, please do not use oil retention enemas and avoid any fish oil supplements you might be taking.  Likewise, please avoid vegetables with small seeds (i.e. tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.), flax seed, and all fiber supplements for at least 3 days prior to your procedure.  Please contact the office with questions because an excellent preparation helps us beat, treat, and prevent colon cancer.  Colon cancer…beatable, treatable, preventable!

In-office anorectal manometry

Bowel urgency and incontinence are common gastrointestinal symptoms.  Unfortunately, patients are hesitant to relate such symptoms because of embarrassment, but the symptoms can have a significant impact on quality of life.  At Gateway we are happy to discuss these symptoms and provide options to hopefully improve our patient’s quality of life.  With that said we now offer in-office anorectal manometry to assess for pelvic floor dysfunction, dyssenergic defecation, bowel urgency, incontinence, etc.  Discuss symptoms with your Gateway physician to determine if anorectal manometry evaluation may be appropriate.

Gateway Gastroenterology in Honduras

Gateway Gastroenterology’s international presence persists…thanks to the ongoing efforts of Dr. Jeffrey Mathews.  This spring marks his third medical mission to Honduras.   Hundreds of patients have been treated by Dr. Mathews and his team of healthcare providers.  They continue to treat various conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease as well as H. pylori.  The Honduran people are incredibly appreciative of the efforts and look forward to the St. Louis team’s visit each year.

As a result of the efforts of Dr. Mathews and his team, the Honduran physicians are learning various endoscopic techniques.  What a blessing to be able to serve in such an amazing place!  At this time preparations are underway for the next mission, this March.  Keep our group of caregivers in your thoughts and prayers for another successful trip.

Medicine is changing…and so are we!

The practice of medicine is changing significantly.  From higher copays and costs to limited access for physician visits, both patients and physicians recognize the challenge of managing healthcare needs.  Gateway physicians are proud to continue to be independent gastroenterologists.  At Gateway we provide a concierge level of care without additional patient costs.  Cost-effective outpatient, preventative care helps to decrease healthcare costs, improves compliance, and augments effective, long-term patient/physician relationships.  With unsurpassed patient care as our goal we are now concentrating our inpatient care and services at St. Luke’s Hospital.  Doing so allows us the freedom to focus our inpatient care at one hospital while enabling more time for the ongoing development of strong outpatient relationships.  This approach should allow the physicians of Gateway Gastroenterology to focus on outpatient care and preventative medicine for patients within ALL of the regional healthcare systems.

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