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Gateway Physicians Advocate for Patient Choice

Americans are anxiously watching healthcare reform debates. So are physicians!

The physicians of Gateway Gastroenterology feel strongly that patients should continue to have the opportunity to choose a physician and to choose where to receive medical care. After all, we as physicians help patients make difficult healthcare decisions regularly and we have found that patients make smart choices when presented with helpful data. To that end the physicians of Gateway Gastroenterology have teamed up with some of the major gastrointestinal societies (such as the ASGE) to advocate for our patient’s right to choose where to have a screening colonoscopy.

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Now Offering The Gatorade Bowel Prep

Taking a bowel preparation for colonoscopy is often difficult for patients. At Gateway Gastroenterology we do not want that fear to prevent patients from getting life saving colon cancer screening. Therefore, we have consulted with leading academic gastroenterologists to offer a bowel preparation that is more tolerable and yet still effective for colon cleansing. The Gatorade/Miralax bowel preparation is now our standard preparation for colonoscopy and one more reason to consider Gateway Gastroenterology for your screening colonoscopy.

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