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Month: January 2010

Insurance Update for Patients Undergoing a Screening Colonoscopy

If you will be undergoing a “screening colonoscopy”, meaning that you presently don’t have any GI symptoms, please be aware that if during the procedure a polyp is removed or a biopsy is performed, some insurance carriers will no longer consider this a “screening” procedure and may charge you a higher rate.

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Ask Us About Saturday Hours

Colonoscopy for colon cancer screening is an underutilized resource. Only half of those over age 50 have undergone this potentially life-saving procedure. Some are fearful that the procedure may cause pain (it doesn’t) or are reluctant to undergo bowel preparation (it is much easier with the Gatorade bowel preparation). Others simply have a difficult time “fitting it into their schedule”.

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Happy New Year from Gateway Gastroenterology!

2010 promises to be a challenging year for physicians and patients as healthcare reform debate intensifies. Whether you have private, employer-provided health insurance or Medicare you will likely be affected by the potential healthcare/health insurance changes currently being debated in congress.

Become an active participant in the discussion by educating yourself regarding the proposed changes to our nation’s medical system. Please know that we at Gateway Gastroenterology continue to support important health initiatives which we feel are in the best interests of our patients!

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